Dimmers for LED Strip

Full control over your LED strips

LED Strips dimmers are the perfect addition to your LED Strip setup. Adjust the brightness of the LED strip and control it from your chair using a remote, your phone or tablet. We also sell controllers which support various home automation protocols, so that you can connect your LED strip to your home automation system! Make your LED strip light up at certain hours, let it respond to movement or sound, create a burglar-alarm, motion detector, adjust the brightness of the LED strip according to the weather: anything is possible! Read more...

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On our website you will also find CCT LEDStrips, these are LED strips which contain two colors on the same strip: white and warm white. By mixing these two color together, any shade of white or warm white can be made. To be able to do this you need a special CCT LED Strip dimmer. This is a LED Strip dimmer with two channels: one for white and one for warm white. For an overview of these dimmers, please navigate to Accessories -> White - Warmwhite dimmers. Because the range of LED dimmers is quite large, we can imagine that you have difficulty in finding the right dimmer for your situation. We try to make every product description as complete and clear as possible. However, if you can not find the right dimmer, please don't hesitate to contact us for help!

Huge range of LED strip dimmers

We sell LED Dimmers of all kinds: Wall-dimmers, dimmers with (touch)-remote, time controlled dimmers and dimmers which can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet.
Installation: The LED Strip dimmer is placed between the (12V / 24V) power supply and the LED strip. Please pay attention to the max. load of the dimmer. Do not exceed it: when you have more LED strip than the dimmer can handle, you need to use amplifiers. These are sold on our website as (RGB) amplifiers, but they are suitable for single color LED strip as well.

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