Power Supplies for LED Strip products

If you want to connect an LED Strip to 110/230V, you will need a power supply. This is because LED strips work on 12V or 24V DC. On our website you will find power supplies ranging from 12W to 400W. Which power supply you need, depends on the power consumption of the LED Strip(s). You can find the total power consumption by simply multiplying the number of meters of LED strip with the power per meter. For example: A LED strip consumes 4.8 Watts per meter, and you want to connect 5 meters of this LED Strip. The total power consumption is 4,8W x 5 meters = 24 Watts. You will therefore need a power supply of 24W or more.

Voltage: We have LED strips in both 12V and 24V. Make sure you select the power supply with the right voltage. If you are in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact us via info(at)buyledstrip.com or via customer service at the bottom right of this page.

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