White-Warmwhite Dimmers

Create exactly the right atmosphere using CCT LED Strips

Do you want to create exactly the right atmosphere with your LED strips? Then dual-color CCT LED Strips are ideal for you. These LED strips have two colors on the same strip: White and Warm White. By blending these two colors together, you can create any shade of white that you want! The color temperature of our dual-color LED strips lies between 2700K (yellowish warm white) and 6500K (cold white). So, whichever color you want, it's no problem with these strips. Read more...

Total control over your color temperature LED Strips

The color temperature dimmers that we sell are very user-friendly. Control your LED strips using a remote control, and app on your phone or tablet, or connect them to your home automation system! You can build a timer for your LED strips, let your LED strips respond to sound and movement, create a burglar alarm, or adjust the color temperature of the LED strip depending on the weather outside. Anything is possible! The dimmers, just like the CCT LED Strips, have two channels. Most of the dimmers have two modes: You can either change the mix ratio between white and warm white, or adjust the total brightness of both channels. So, to achieve the perfect atmosphere, you can first blend white and warm white together in such a way that you have the perfect color, and then adjust the total brightness of the entireLED strip for the final touch.

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