TC-420 24-hour timed LED Controller - 5 channels / PC Software / USB

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TC420 LED Time Controller
Low priced LED Time Controller with PC Software which can be used to create a 24-hour light-cycle for 5 separate PWM-dimmable channels. Excellent controller for aquarium, signage, outdoor lighting, sunrise/sunset simulation, etc.

Connect the controller in between the 12V Power supply and the LED Strip(s)

Because the controller has 5 channels, you can control 5 separate colors (for example, one RGB LED Strip and 2 separate colors). Using the included PC software you can program a 24-hour cycle for the 5 channels. Per time-slot of 30 minutes you can control the brightness of each channel. After you have finished creating your light-program, you can load the program into the controller using the USB connection and start using the controller.

Easy connections.
In/output voltage: 12-24V DC
Connecting mode: Common Anode (+)
Rated current: 4A for each Channel (Max total power: 240 Watt @ 12V or 480W @ 24V)
Working temperature: -20 to 60 Degrees Celsius (-4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit)
Size: L 120mm x W 69mm x H 24mm.
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