Waterproof LED Bars 12 Volts

Waterproof Plug&Play Connectable LED Bars equipped with 5.5mm DC connectors.

These connectors can be used to easily connect the LED Bars to the power supply or to each other. The LED Bars are connectable, so multiple LED Bars can be connected in series. Ideal for applications where a neatly finished LED Bar is needed. Moreover, these LED bars are waterproof (IP65) and therefore suitable for outdoor use! Read more...

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These LED Bars operate on 12 Volts. To connect these LED Bars to 230V, you will need a 12V adapter. Please check the category Accessories -> Power Supplies for this.

What can I use LED Bars for?

These LED Bars are ideal as a ready-made solution for LED light lines indoors and outdoors. You can use them, for example, to illuminate a facade, create light lines in the garden, or in a dropped ceiling. But you can also use them as replacements for regular light sources. Have you ever thought about illuminating your patio cover with semi-indirect lighting? Place the LED Bars at an angle against the beams of the patio cover to achieve a softer indirect ambient lighting. Your patio is still illuminated, but the light is less intense, and you can't see the LED Bars themselves, creating a nice chic effect.
LED Bars are also suitable for vehicles, aquariums, bathrooms, and so on. Have you realized a beautiful project using LED Bars? Send us photos! We are always curious about our customers' creations.

Are these LED Bars waterproof and suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, these LED Bars are waterproof. The LEDs are housed in an aluminum U-profile, which is cast with silicone. This protects the LEDs from moisture and water. The LED Bars are IP65 waterproof, meaning they can withstand rain and are resistant to water being sprayed on them. However, they are not as resistant to persistent humidity (e.g., inside an aquarium, just above the water) or water that remains on the LED Bar for a long time or is completely submerged. In this case, we recommend working with IP68 flexible LED strips, as they are fully sealed all around and 100% waterproof, even when permanently underwater or used underwater.

Which light color should I choose?

For ambient lighting, we always recommend using warm white LED Bars. These LED Bars are often referred to as warm white, 2700, or 3000K. You can also choose to use RGB(W) (in combination with a controller) so that you can switch between RGB colors or warm white light, depending on the atmosphere you want to create. We also have LED Bars with cool white light, which is beautiful in some situations, especially if the rest of the lighting is also cool white. For lighting that appears a bit brighter and sharper, cool white light is more suitable. Sometimes these LED Bars are labeled as "white, 6000K, or 6500K." Furthermore, we sell LED Bars with single-color light in red, green, blue, or amber/yellow. These LED Bars are suitable if you are looking for lighting in a specific color. If you're unsure, please contact us!

How bright is the light of an LED Bar?

Just like with LED strips, you can look at the wattage of the LED Bars to get an idea of how bright they are. Also, consider the length of the LED Bar. For example, a 50cm LED Bar with 2.4W is as bright as a 100cm LED Bar with 4.8W. Both are 4.8W per meter. You can compare the light intensity of a LED Bar with a (example) power of 4.8W to a fluorescent tube of about 6W (factor 1.25) or halogen lighting of about 40W (factor 8). We also have LED Bars with a higher power, up to 24W per meter. Since the LED Bars are made of aluminum, they can cool relatively well compared to normal LED Strips, and you don't necessarily need to cool the LED Bars with higher wattage additionally.

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