Waterproof LED Strips

Waterproof LED Strips are a great product with endless possibilities. Attractively priced and can be ordered in steps of 50cm. Example: If you want a 3 meter long LED Strip, place 6x50cm in your shopping cart. The maximum reel length is 5 meters. For example: If you order 16x50cm, you will receive two pieces of LED strip, one 5 meters long and one 3 meters long. These pieces can be soldered together to create one long LED strip. You can cut the LED Strip yourself to create exactly the length that you need.

Waterproof sealed LED strips are perfect for outdoor use or for places where the LED strip can be touched or accidentally damaged.

Please be sure to check the page Accessories > Accessories for IP68 LED Strips for useful accessories that you can use to mount and (re-)seal the LED strip.

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