Waterproof LED Strips

Waterproof LED strips from the reel

Waterproof LED Strips are a great product with endless possibilities. Attractively priced and can be ordered in steps of 50cm. Example: If you want a 3 meter long LED Strip light, place 6x50cm in your shopping cart. The maximum reel length is 5 meters. For example: If you order 16x50cm, you will receive two pieces of LED strip, one 5 meters long and one 3 meters long. These pieces can be soldered together to create one long LED strip. You can cut the LED Strip yourself to create exactly the length that you need. Read more...

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Waterproof sealed LED strips are perfect for outdoor use or for places where the LED strip can be touched or accidentally damaged. Please be sure to check the page Accessories > Accessories for IP68 LED Strips for useful accessories that you can use to mount and (re-)seal the LED strip.

To connect a LED strip to 230V (wall plug) you will also need a power supply. Our LED strips are sold in 12V and 24V. An advantage of 24 Volt LED strips is that you can connect a longer length in one piece without loss of current. When you choose a power supply, make sure that it is in the right voltage! You need a 12 Volt power supply for a 12 Volt LED strip and a 24 Volt power supply for a 24 Volt LED strip. To see all power supplies, go to "Accessories -> Power supplies".
The wattage of the power supply that you need depends on the total number of meters of LED strip that you will connect to it. Also it depends on the LED strip's power use per meter. On the product page of each LED strip you will find a list which tells you which power supply you need for which length.
If you have questions or are unable to find the right products for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Endless possibilities with waterproof LED strips

Waterproof LED strip lights are perfect for outdoor use or for indoor use where there is risk of damage because of touch, water or humidity. Waterproof LED strips can create beautiful lighting effects in your garden, facade lighting, pool lighting, kitchen lighting, and so on. The LED strip is IP68, and fully covered in a silicone extrusion. This means that there is no way that water can enter the LED strip. However, you must make sure that the soldering point and the end of the LED strip are very well covered using end caps and glue. You will find these in the category page "Accessories -> Accessories for IP68 LED Strip".

Are your IP68 Waterproof LED strips of good quality?

We only sell IP68 LED strips that are made by silicone extrusion. Many LED strips that are sold on the internet consist of a hollow tube into which a low quality glue is injected, these are much more vulnerable and more sensitive to leaks. Other suppliers also sell LED strips that only have top-coating (IP65), these are even more fragile and virtually not moisture-resistant. Our LED strips are encased by means of an extruded silicone material that consists of one solid part. As a result, scratches or cracks in the LED strip are no problem, as long as they do not penetrate the interior of the LED strip, it will remain completely water-resistant. Moisture can hardly penetrate, provided the ends are properly glued shut. IP68 Extrusion LED strips therefore last much longer than many other types that are offered online.

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