DALI DT8 RGBW LED Strip Controller SR-2309FA RGBW

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DALI LED Strip Dimmer Sunricher SR-2309FA

This dimmer can control LED Strip via a home automation system (DALI). This DALI dimmer has 4 channels, suitable for 4 single-color strips, an RGB LED Strip or an RGBW LED Strip.

The SR-2309FA is a 4 channel constant voltage RGBW DT8 DALI Dimmer that complies with the latest IEC 62386-209: 2011 standard and supports DT8 Device Commands. Color setting corresponds to the DALI specification for device type 8, and supports RGBW value or XY coordinates. All 4 channels of this dimmer are controlled by a single DALI channel and this is compatible with universal DALI Master controllers that support DT8. DT8 commands allow you to easily send RGBW values ​​to the controller. The DALI address that the controller occupies can be adjusted manually and is shown on the display of the controller. The controller can be configured through DALI Software Tool or DALI USB Interface.

NOTE: You cannot connect an infinite amount of LED Strip to the controller. You can connect no more than 5A per channel. Look at the power consumption of the relevant (RGBW) LED strip to determine how many meters you can connect to it. Use amplifiers / repeaters if necessary.

●Voltage: 12-24 Volt DC
●Number of outputs: 4 channels (RGB)
●Max. current:  20A (5A per channel)
●Max. power:  280W (@12V), 480W (@24V)
●Waterproof: No.
●Protocol: DALI (DT8)

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