Single Color LED Strips

LED strips in various colors

If you need only one light color, these single color LED strip lights are the perfect choice. On this page you will find LED tape with single color LEDs, non-waterproof, in the colors warm white, white, red, green, blue and yellow/amber. These single color LED strips have only two soldering points, - (Ground) and + (12V) which makes them very easy to work with due to the ease of soldering. These are also the most affordable LED strips on our website, with a starting price of only €1.75 per 50cm!

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LED strips are suitable for a variety of applications

LED Strip lights are very suitable for indirect LED under cabinet lighting, LED kitchen lighting, LED cove lighting, and so on. Thanks to the small size and the fact that they can be shortened, combined, and installed very easily, you can use them for many different kinds of lighting projects. White and warm white LED strips are often used for mood-lighting, because they are especially suitable for ambient background lighting which is not too present and over-the-top.

Which LED strip should I choose?

Our lighting strips emit beautiful, uniform light, allowing you to effortlessly create a cozy atmosphere. Simultaneously, they offer an impressive light intensity. We sell LED strips in various types and sizes, which can sometimes make comparing them a bit challenging. A tip is to focus on the following three aspects:

- Wattage: In the specifications at the bottom of the product page, it indicates how many "watts per meter" a specific strip has. This gives you an idea of the light it emits. For instance, a strip with a wattage of 14.4 watts per meter gives approximately three times more light than a strip with a wattage of 4.8 watts per meter.

- Number of LEDs per meter: The number of LEDs per meter naturally influences the light output, but not all LEDs are the same. Sometimes, a strip with fewer LEDs is brighter because its wattage is higher. Therefore, look at the number of LEDs per meter to determine the quality of light distribution. The more LEDs per meter, the finer the light distribution. If you are placing the lighting close to a wall or ceiling, you don't want light spots. To avoid this, choose the right number of LEDs per meter. You can use the following rule of thumb: The distance from LED to LED must be equal to or smaller than the distance from the strip to the surface to be illuminated. For example, if the distance to the wall is 1 cm, the LEDs should also be a maximum of 1 cm apart. This means you need 100 LEDs per meter. Then choose, for example, 120 LEDs per meter to prevent the light from becoming spotty.

- Light Color (Color Temperature): The color temperature indicates the exact color of a white LED strip, ranging from (very) warm white to cool white. This tells you approximately the shade of white in the chosen lighting. Anything below 2200K is very warm white, yellowish (candle) light. +/- 2700K to 3300K is what we call "warm white," corresponding to the color of a halogen spotlight. 4000K is neutral white. As we go higher, the colors become cooler, and a blue tint appears. 6000K is often referred to as "white." This is bright white light and may have a slight blue hue in some settings. Anything above 6000K is cool white and has a blue tint.

Hopefully, this information helps you. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us!


All single-color strips can be dimmed using an LED Strip Dimmer. All strips you find on our site are dimmable. You can dim smoothly and without flickering. You can also use a dimmable power adapter and dim the strips as you normally would with a traditional, 230V (phase-cut/phase-cut-off) wall dimmer.

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