Smart Home LED Strip Controllers

Control LED Strips with your Smart Home system

It is fairly easy to incorporate your LED strips into your Smart Home system through this single-color smart home controller, two-color smart home controller, RGBW smart home controller, or RGBCCT smart home controller. These controllers are compatible with almost all Smart home systems based on Zigbee Light Link (ZLL). They can be used inter alia with IKEA Tradfri, Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa and Echo, Tuya and Osram Lightify. Read more...

When the controller is switched on, it becomes visible as a light source in your Smart home application. It can then be configured and controlled by using your application. No additional hardware is required for the above systems, the Gledopto controllers can be included in the network without the intervention of a Hub or other extras.

Zigbee Light Link

Easily control your lighting from anywhere in the room. Easy via WiFi signal. Without wiring. This is ZigBee Light Link, which allows the uncomplicated control of lighting solutions from many renowned manufacturers. Zigbee Light Link is a network with a mesh structure, which means that the range of the network is very large and the connection is also very reliable. After all, there is no central point that every device must connect to, the devices are all interconnected. Zigbee Light Link is a standard that is used by many large lighting manufacturers, making it easy to include lighting products from another manufacturer in your network. Our Zigbee controllers can also be easily integrated into all common Smart Home systems.

What can I do with a Smart Home app?

With a smart home app (eg Philips Hue, Google assistant, Ikea Tradfri) you can control your lights with your phone or tablet. You can also set a color and create the right atmosphere. It is also possible to automate your house and link lamps to all kinds of other smart devices. You can link your lamps to your TV, motion detectors, light sensors, and so on.

Control the lights from your phone

In the app you can control all your smart lights and smart LED Strips. You can simply switch the lighting on and off from the comfort of your armchair and determine the color and brightness. Are you planning to walk to the garage? Then switch on the lights while you are still at home. You can also dim the lamps individually and coordinate the light from different light sources.

Adjust the light color of smart LED strips

If you have smart LED strips or LED lamps with RGB or RGBW / RGBCCT light color, you can change the light color from within the app. You can choose from as many as 16,000,000 colors. So there is a good chance that your favorite color is here! Choose a nice color manually, or use a photo for example to tell the app which color to choose. If you choose the color of a beautiful blue sky, the app will imitate this color by using. your lighting sources.

The right color for the right activity

The light color you choose is very important for the atmosphere in the room. The app contains presets that you can use to quickly create a certain atmosphere. Do you need relaxation? Then choose a soft, warm light color. Are you studying or do you need to wake up? Then choose a bright white color. The atmosphere can be adjusted per room or per light source, so that you always have the right setting everywhere in your house.

Time-controlled lighting

With many apps, it is also possible to program a routine in which the lighting switches on and off at set times and can change color. For example, you can set the app so that the lights automatically turn off at sunrise and turn on again at sunset. If you adjust your lighting properly, you will never have to worry about your lighting again, it will do exactly what you want!

Use your voice to control your smart LED strips

Many apps, such as those from Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri, can be connected to Google Assistant and offer the possibility to control the lighting with your voice. Even when your smart LED Strips are connected directly to Google Assistant, you have this option. Voice-controlled control is very intuitive, you do not have to search the app and scroll through all kinds of menus. Simply tell the app what you want, and it will respond! If you only use the speech assistant, you don't even need the entire app anymore.

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