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Flexible LED Strip sold per 50cm. The LED Strip is delivered in one piece up to 5 meters. Example: If you put 3x 50cm of LED strip in your shopping cart, you will receive one 1.5 meter LED Strip. However, if you put 16x 50cm of LED Strip in your shopping cart, it is delivered as 1x5m and 1x3m. Etc.
You can solder multiple lengths together to create one long LED Strip.

Flexible LED-strip with adhesive for easy mounting.
 This strip is very easy to install. You can cut the strip every 5 cm to create any size you need. Moreover, this LED-strip is extremely flexible and very narrow corners can be made with it. The power is supplied through the soldering points which can be found on the strip every 5 centimeters.

Applications: Stylish architectural lighting. Illumination of your stairs, kitchen, living room, restaurant, etc. A versatile product which allows you to create stunning lighting effects in a heartbeat!

This LED Strip works on 12 Volts, so to connect it to a 110-230V power outlet you will need a power supply. Please see the category Accessories -> Power Supplies for this. The more LED strip you want to connect, the higher the power consumption will be and therefore the bigger the power supply must be. Look below for an indication of which power supply to use with this LED strip:

5cm - 2.5 meters: Power Supply 12 Watt
2.5 meters - 7.5 meters: Power Supply 36 Watt
7.5 meters - 12.5 meters: Power Supply 60 Watt
12.5 meters - 17.5 meters: Power Supply 84 Watt
17.5 meters - 25 meters: Power Supply 120 Watts 
25 meters - 40 meters: Power supply 200 Watt 
40 meters - 80 meters: Power supply 400 Watt 
More than 80 meters: Use multiple power supplies or contact us for advice and price.
Note: If you want to connect more than 20 meters to a power supply, make sure that there is a direct connection to the power supply at least every 20 meters, to avoid loss of current in the LED Strip.

This LED Strip can be dimmed in combination with an LED Dimmer.

Remark: Delivered with a connector which can be plugged into the power supply. This connector needs to be soldered onto the LED strip. If you do not know how to solder: no problem, we can do this for you. Add "soldering service for flexible LED Strips" to your shopping cart and we will do all the necessary soldering for you. Look under "Service & Accessories" or scroll to the bottom of this page.
For more information on how to connect LED Strips, please see our manual.

This product is in stock in large quantities. If you are searching for LED strips with specific requirements, please contact info@buyledstrip.com for info and prices. We can supply custom LED Strips of almost any type.

Luminous flux: 400 lumen per meter.
Color temperature: 10000-13000K (Cool White)
Voltage: 12V
Amperage: 0.4 A / meter
Power: 4,8 W / meter
Can be cut every 3 LEDs.
Strip width: 8mm (0.31 inches)
Strip height: 2mm (0.08 inches)
piercarlo tomasoni 23-09-2013 21:52

Ottimo prodotto

ALAN DETOEUF 16-05-2013 18:20

Bonne luminosité et délai d'expedition respecté, de plus le service client répond rapidemment aux questions.

Alberto Garcia Valverde 06-05-2013 18:57

Transporte muy rapido, igual de bien que siempre.

rocco PICCICUTO 10-01-2012 20:09

je tiens a signaler que buyledstrip.com est tres serieux vous pouvez commander la marchandise qui propose est de bonne qualiter par rapport a certain autres sites qui vendent les memes mais de mauvaise qualiter.
j'ai commander 2 barres de 1m a LED blanc la lumière est éclatante et le transfo de 30W ne fait aucun bruit(comparer a d'autres transfo des autres marchands qui emet un grisaillement) bref c'est de la tres bonne qualiter.

M. van de Ven 28-07-2011 17:02

Eergisteren dit product besteld, samen met een 12 volt adapter. Vandaag al alles binnen gekregen! Netjes verpakt en super makkelijk aan te sluiten. Geweldige service dus!

K-Tec bvba 27-07-2011 10:40

vlotte en correcte levering !

Arjan 09-06-2011 19:43

Ik heb 1 meter van deze strip besteld en had het 2 dagen later al in huis. De leds geven een mooie heldere blauwe kleur. Jammer alleen dat er halverwege de strip een stukje van 3 leds zijn die het niet doen. Ik heb hierover geen contact gehad maar denk dat het vast wel was opgelost. Ik gebruik de strip voor sfeerverlichting achter mijn LCD tv. Aan alle bijde zijkanten een stuk van 40 cm. en boven een stuk van 15 cm. De 3 leds die het niet deden heb ik er tussen uit geknipt. Dit alles achter op de tv geplakt wat prima gaat. Het geeft een heel leuk effect. Mocht ik verder weer ledstrippen nodig hebben dan kom ik hier zeker terug. Hele scherpe prijs.

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