LED Strip 2216 224 LED/m Dim to warm CCT Tunable White - per 50cm

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Flexible LED Strip sold per 50cm. The LED Strip is delivered in one piece up to 5 meters. Example: If you put 3x 50cm of LED strip in your shopping cart, you will receive one 1.5 meter LED Strip. However, if you put 16x 50cm of LED Strip in your shopping cart, it is delivered as 1x5m and 1x3m. Etc.
You can solder multiple lengths together to create one long LED Strip.

Dim to warm:
This LED Strip is equipped with LEDs in the colors 3000K and 2000K. When it is dimmed, the light automatically becomes softer / warmer in color. At full brightness, this LED Strip lights up in the color 3000K, but when it is dimmed, the color temperature drops to soft ambient light in the color 2000K. This LED strip perfectly mimics the dimming of a halogen spot. The difference with normal CCT LED strip is that this dim to warm LED strip only has 1 channel, and is therefore dimmable with a normal 1-channel dimmer. No special CCT LED dimmer is required. You can also connect this dim to warm LED Strip to a dimmable transformer and dim it simultaneously with the other lighting in the room.

Flexible LED-strip with adhesive for easy mounting.
This strip is very easy to install. You can cut the strip every 6,25 cm to create any size you need. Moreover, this LED-strip is extremely flexible and very narrow corners can be made with it. The power is supplied through the soldering points which can be found on the strip every 6,25 centimeters.

Applications: Stylish architectural lighting. Illumination of your stairs, kitchen, living room, restaurant, etc. A versatile product which allows you to create stunning lighting effects in a heartbeat!

This LED Strip works on 24 Volts, so to connect it to a 110-230V power outlet you will need a power supply. Please see the category Accessories -> Power Supplies for this. You will also require a LED Strip dimmer or dimmable power supply to be able to dim the LED strip.

The more LED strip you want to connect, the higher the power consumption will be and therefore the bigger the power supply must be.
The wattage of this LED strip is 16W/m. Multiply the number of meters you want to install with the wattage, and this way you will get the minimum wattage you need for power supply(s). In addition, we recommend taking account a margin of about 20% in the power consumption. For example: You want to install 9 meters of LED Strip, and you've calculated that the power is 16x9 = 144W. You could then opt for a 150W power supply, but if you want to take a 20% margin, you end up with 172W and you could therefore opt for a 240W power supply, the next biggest option.

Below you will find a simple overview:

2 meters: 32 Watts or more
5 meters: 80 Watts or more
10 meters: 160 Watts or more
15 meters: 240 Watts or more
20 meters: 320 Watts or more
30 meters: 480 Watts or more
40 meters: 640 Watts or more

Note: If you want to connect more than 20 meters to a power supply, make sure that there is a direct connection to the power supply at least every 20 meters, to avoid loss of current in the LED Strip.

Remark: A cable needs to be soldered onto the LED strip. If you do not know how to solder: no problem, we can do this for you. Add "soldering service for flexible LED Strips" to your shopping cart and we will do all the necessary soldering for you. Look under "Service & Accessories" or scroll to the bottom of this page.
For more information on how to connect LED Strips, please see our manual.

This product is in stock in large quantities. If you are searching for LED strips with specific requirements, please contact [email protected] for info and prices. We can supply custom LED Strips of almost any type.

Luminous flux: 1280 lumen per meter.
Color temperature: 2000-3000K (Dim to warm)
Voltage: 24V
Amperage: 0,66 A
Power: 16W / meter
Can be cut every 14 LEDs. (6,25cm)
Strip width: 10mm
Strip height: 2mm
Waterproof: No (IP20)

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