Digital LED Strip controllers

Programming your digital LED Controller

Digital LED strip controllers can be used to control digital (IC) LED strips. These LED strips contain ICs which can regulate the color of each LED separately. This means that it's possible to create special effects such as rainbow or chasing lights. Read more...

It is also possible to program your LED strips yourself. If you use a programmable digital LED controller for this, you will be able to use a PC editor to create light programs. Furthermore, if the LED strips are laid out in a grid, it is also possible to create 2-dimensional shapes or even play video. Most PC-Editors have the option to input the layout of your LED strips so that you can overlay 2D shapes, effects or video. You will find many types of digital LED strips on the internet. The most common types are WS2811, WS2812, WS2813, and IC1903. All the LED strips on our website use IC1903. We have LED strips with 10 pixels per meter and LED strips with up to 60 pixels per meter.

How should I connect a digital LEDstrip controller?

Controllers for digital LED strips with addressable LEDs. Digital LED strips are a specific type of LED strips with LEDs that are individually controlled, and they can only be used in combination with a digital controller. We sell several types of controllers. Most of our controllers have around 100 pre-programmed light effects, but we also sell a programmable controller which includes an editor, which you can use to program your own light shows!

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