G4 LED Lamp 3.5 Watt

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1:1 Replacement for 30W G4 halogen light. The warm light color (2500-2800K) and color rendering (CRI:75) easily match those of regular halogen lamps. The energy-saving properties of this LED lamp and the long lifespan make this the perfect replacement for halogen spots. Please look below for a simple savings calculation. This calculation assumes that the lamp is lit for 6 hours every day.

G4 LED 3.5W: 3.5 Watts
Halogen: 30 Watts
Energy savings: 26.5 Watts or 0.0265 kW
Yearly energy savings: 0.0265 kW x 6 hours x 365 days = 58 kWh. (Kilowatt-hour)

With an average electricity price of €0.22 per kWh, the yearly savings are €12.76

The average lifespan of this LED lamp is 30.000 hours, compared to 1.000 hours for a halogen lamp. Changing your lamps regularly is therefore a thing of the past! This especially comes in handy when lamps are in hard-to-reach places. The example above assumed the lamps were lit 6 hours per day, or 2190 hours per year. This means that in the above situation this lamp would have a lifetime of 13 years, saving €165 in electricity alone!

This lamp will earn back its cost multiple times.
A 30 day refund-policy applies to all our products, so you will receive a full refund if the product does not live up to your expectations. The warranty period on this LED lamp is 2 years.

Power consumption: 3.5 Watt
Voltage: 12V DC
LED Brand: Epistar
LED type: SMD
Base: G4
Color temperature: Warm White 2500-2800K
Color rendering index (CRI): 75
PF (Power Factor): >0.5
Light angle: 360°
Lifespan: 30.000 hours.

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