E27 LED Bulb LMB2 7 Watt 110-230 Volt

Article number: LMB2.E27
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*Please pay attention to the minimum load required by the dimmer.

1:1 Replacement for ~50W bulb. The warm light color (2700-3000K) and color rendering (CRI:75) easily match those of regular bulbs. Even if the lamp is turned on at full brightness, the warm color temperature remains. The energy-saving properties of this COB LED lamp and the long lifespan make this the perfect replacement. Please look below for a simple savings calculation. This calculation assumes that the lamp is lit for 6 hours every day.

LED Bulb LMB2: 7 Watts
50 Watt bulb: 50 Watts
Energy savings: 43 Watts or 0.043 kW
Yearly energy savings: 0.043 kW x 6 hours x 365 days = 91.98 kWh. (Kilowatt-hour)

Because electricity prices vary throughout the world, we will use the average price in the UK for this example, which is about £0.15 (€0.17) per kWh. With this electricity price, the yearly savings amount to £13.80 or €15.64 per lamp per year.

The average lifespan of this LED lamp is 30.000 hours, compared to 1.000 hours for a halogen lamp. Changing your lamps regularly is therefore a thing of the past! This especially comes in handy when lamps are in hard-to-reach places. The example above assumed the lamps were lit 6 hours per day, or 2190 hours per year. This means that in the above situation this lamp would have a lifetime of 13 years, saving £179.40 / €203.32 in electricity alone!

This lamp will earn back its cost multiple times.
A 30 day refund-policy applies to all our products, so you will receive a full refund if the product does not live up to your expectations. The warranty period on this LED lamp is 2 years.

Important: Be careful when using LED lamps in the same electricity group as older TL or PL lamps. Especially the older types or lamps that are near their end-of-life will emit a voltage peak throughout the electric wiring when they are switched on. These peaks will damage your LED lamps and ultimately burn them out! We recommend only using newer TL/PL lamps with electronic ballasts.

This lamp can be dimmed on a normal dimmer. Please pay attention to the minimum load required by the dimmer to function. Normal dimmers require a certain amount of electricity to flow through them to properly dim the lamps. Because LED lamps use very little electricity, it is possible that your dimmer is unable to dim only 2 or 3 LED lamps.

Power consumption: 7 Watt
Voltage: 100-240V
Dimmable: Yes. (Pay attention to minimum dimmer load)
LED Brand: Epistar
LED type: 7x1W COB (Chip-on-board)
Base: E27
Dimensions: Φ60mm x 120mm
Color temperature: Warm White 2500-2800K
Color rendering index (CRI): 75
Luminous flux: 470 Lumen
PF (Power Factor): >0.5
Light angle: 180°
Lifespan: 30.000 hours.
Model: LMB2



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