RGB Controller met IR-afstandsbediening

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RGB controller voor RGB LED Strips.

Dit apparaat heeft U nodig om de flexibele RGB LED strip aan te sturen. De vier draden die uit de RGB strip komen sluit U op dit apparaat aan. Vervolgens sluit U aan de andere kant van het apparaat de voeding aan. 

Functies: Vaste kleur, geleidelijk veranderende kleur, verspringende kleuren. Tevens heeft deze controller een dimmer-functie: Er is dus geen aparte dimmer benodigd om de lichtsterkte in te stellen.


Type afstandsbediening: IR (Infrarood)
Makkelijke verbindingen.
In/output voltage: 12V DC
Output: 3x CMOS output
Geheugen (onthoudt laatste instelling bij uitschakelen stroom): Ja.
RGB Aansluit-type: Gedeelde Anode
Aanbevolen maximum stroomsterkte: 2A voor elk R,G,B kanaal.
Maximum stroomsterkte: 2A voor elk R,G,B kanaal.   (Totaal 72 Watt Max.)
Afmetingen controller: 50mm x 35mm x 22mm
Operationele temperatuur: -20 tot 60 Graden Celsius

Chris Lenaerts 02-08-2023 10:58

It came with a dead battery wich made it look like a faulty product at first. After changing the battery to one of my own it worked. So in fact i paid for a dead battery wich sucks

Christopher Gull 21-01-2013 01:44

Really good RGB controller and remote for its price! However, beware that settings are quite limited, such as the timing for colour change, which I think is too fast even at slowest speed. I tested how long it would take for one primary colour to change to another, and it was under 30 seconds. I prefer about 2 minutes between colour changes. Also, the automatic colour changing isn't stepless, which causes flickering while some colours are changing. The good points are that the controller "box" is very small, that it has a wire that lets you mount the IR receiver further away from the controller (it allows you to mount the box out of sight, and only have the receiver visible), and that the remote control is flat and small, which makes it easy to make a small homemade holder on the wall where you can put the remote control (remote control also works well even when you don't point it at the receiver).

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