wLightbox WiFi Wireless mini RGBW Controller

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wLightbox: Compact mini WiFi RGBW Controller with dimensions of just 4,7 x 4 x 1,8 cm.

Using this WiFi wLightbox controller you can control an RGBWW, White / Warm White CCT-adjustable or up to 4 single color LED Strips from your smartphone, tablet, PC or webbrowser. The required Blebox software can be downloaded from the app store. Suitable for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, OSX, Linux or web based control.

After opening the Blebox app, you will see all wlightbox controllers that are in range. Select the controller that you want and start adjusting the light. If no controllers are visible, make sure that you have WiFi activated on your device.

Please also see the manual


Voltage: 12 – 24V DC
Independent channels:
Maximum current:
12A, 3 A per channel
Dimming method:
10 bit PWM
Operating temperature:
0 - 40°C
47x 40 x 9 mm (18 mm with connector)
Connection technology:
μWiFi, 2.4 GHz, compatible with WiFi
50 m in open space with smartphone or 100 m with popular access point, up to 250 m with professional device. May be limited in buildings.
web based, compatible with Apple, Android, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Linux, OSX
Expansion port:
8 pin 2,54 mm connector

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