OT 30/220…240/12 P

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12V Power supply for LED Strips and LED bars.
To determine if this power supply is suitable, look up the power consumption of the LED strip that you want. Multiply the total length with the power consumption per meter to find out the total power use.


This power supply can deliver a maximum of 30 Watts.

OT 30/220…240/12 P Datasheet


Brand: Osram
Type: OT 30/220…240/12 P
Output power: 30 Watt
Output voltage: 12 Volt DC
Amperage: max. 2.4 Ampere
Input voltage: 100-240 Volt AC 50/60 Hz
Waterproof: IP67
Size: L 220mm x W 40mm x H 22mm

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